Monday, 9 November 2009

2nd of November- My birthday morning

I haven't had a chance to post all my birthday photos yet- I have been so busy with work but here's hoping I can do it in the next couple of days. 
Even though I was on holiday from work on my birthday- (everyone gets their birthday off as an extra holiday  at my work) I still couldn't sleep in! I was up at 7- probably earlier than normal! Nathan had taken a days holiday too so he brought me my presents and cards in bed with a nice cup of tea.
 Very sleep but in good birthday spirit! I had on my birthday sash and tiara that Becky gave me the weekend before!
 I have been quite good recently but for a long while I used to put confetti in everyone's cards and presents so it sprinkled everywhere! So my sister and friend Amber got me back big style! It made the bedcovers look very festive!
 I had loads of lovely cards with beautiful messages inside- which meant a lot! The Royal Mail strike also didn't ruin the delivery of cards through our mail box- always nice to recieve cards in the post!
My favourite present of all was from my sister and Dougie- I have wanted a Paul Smith purse for the longest time and in particular a longer style so I can put cards, cash and coins in it. I was so shocked to get it. I had put it on my birthday list thinking maybe a few people may club together but I didn't really expect to get it. A very very generous and much wanted gift!! I love it!

I brought my 30th balloons home to Nathan and I's house and put them up in the livingroom with all my cards. My Grandma also got me a lovely bunch of red roses as part of my gift.

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