Monday, 9 November 2009

Birthday Fireworks

As the fireworks Nathan had planned for the Sunday night never happened ,due to the weather we waited to see what Monday's weather would bring and it was clear- hooray! So Nathan and I text a couple of people to see if they wanted to meet us down at the rugby clubhouse and we bought some bottles of fizz and made it a wee celebration.
 Corinne, Hillary and I
 The Accies Girls- Loreen, Vicki, Emily, Leona, Me and Wendy
 Connor and Hills
 Becky and Dougie- all wrapped up in their winter woolies!
 The Catherine Wheel
 Fireworks went off on the ground, in the air and all around us. The boys did a great job and Nathan's fireworks were huge- bursting over the whole of Stockbridge.
Leona and Matt
Sparklers a plenty! I don't look like I', having a good time at all- do I? ;-)
All the girlies with our sparklers.
The best bit was setting off the chinese lanterns/ sky lanterns. I don't know where Nathan got them but here is a website that sells them to give you an idea. They were beautiful. Nathan had got me 3- one for each decade and as I lit them I was told to make a wish. They went so high and it was great fun that so many of our friends were involved in the lanterns being set off. We watched them go for miles and miles- and worryingly into the flight path- oops!(no one or objects were harmed though!)
Dougie, Becky, Conor and Hillary
Arnie and Loreen
Stu and Vicki

Becky and I

What an amazing birthday I had and I appreciated so much all the effort that everyone went to- from London with my Mum, sister and friends, Halloween with the girls, lunch with family hosted by Becky and South Queensferry with Nathan and finally an amazing fireworks night with friends... I couldn't have asked for a better and more fulfilling celebration of my 30th birthday! Thank you one and all!

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