Monday, 9 November 2009

A Day in South Queensferry

Nathan and I decided to go to South Queensferry for the day on my birthday. We had planned to cycle on the old railway path all the way there but after Sunday's torrential rain we decided to get the train. It was so easy. We jumped on the train at Haymarket station, just down from our house and it took us 15 minutes! 
 We went via Starbucks so I had a nice Americano for our trip!
The Station at South Queensferry is up high as it is just before the Forth Rail Bridge. The station was very cute and we walked down to the main village via the end of the cycle path.

 Peeping through the trees on the cycle path you could see the Forth Rail Bridge.
 We got a great view at the top of the hill. The Road bridge on the left side and the Railbridge on the other.
 I love how quaint and old the buildings in the main street of South Queensferry are.


 We were lucky with the weather that it wasn't raining. It was a little cloudy at times and then there would be a burst of sunshine!
 When we went for lunch this was the view out of the big glass window looking onto the water- beautiful!

Nathan and I shared a mammoth feast of soup, salad, wedges and the most amazing (and highly calorific) croque monsier! Yum! It was my birthday after all! 
Having lunch at Orocco Pier in South Queensferry. 
 After lunch we went for a walk along the pier and it was so pretty- if a little cold.
 The sun was starting to set- hence the screwed up eyes!
 We attempted to take some shots but the sun was too strong!
 The bridge looked beautiful bathed in warm winter sun.
We walked back up to the railway station and were back in Haymarket by 4pm! So it was only a wee 3 1/2  hour trip but it felt like we we had a good break away and got out of the city!

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