Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Benji's 30th Birthday

Nathan's friend from school Benji celebrated turing 30 this past weekend.

Benji and his wife Catriona held a great house party at their beautiful flat and as ever were amazing hosts. Catriona also gave a great speech which included a fantastic slide show of pictures of Benji throughout his life. Her theme was the 3 Benji's- sensible Ben, Outdoor/sporty Ben and Party Ben- if I remember correctly- (you'll have to correct me if not Catriona!) The photos showed Benji growing into his role as a surgeon and being ever the proffessional. Then there were lots of mountain shots of him climbing and then lots of party shots with a few of him always zonking out and falling asleep! It was a great speech!
Benji blowing out the candle on his cake. 
 Phillipa (Catriona's sister) Catriona, Me and Nathan (with his Movember moustache- nice!)
Phillipa (Catriona's sister) Catriona, Me and Benji and Catriona's housemate-
 Sinead, Ian, Nathan and I
 I must have taken this photo at the end of the evening before we left at 4am!!
And true to form 'Party Ben' was put to bed when he feel asleep!

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