Monday, 9 November 2009

Sarah Thomson's Baby Shower

My sister has a great group of friends that she met through work. They are so lovely and I was lucky enough to be asked by my sister to join them for a wee Baby Shower Becky was hosting in honour of Sarah. 
Becky had bought lots of lovely decorations from the states and had decorated the whole flat. 
 Her cupcakes looked amazing and since we don't know what Baby Thomson will be everything was blue, pink and yellow!

 Amy, Tina and I (I had cycled home from work so didn't look quite so glam as everyone else!)
Sarah opening her gifts. 

 I loved the balloons and bunting.

Usually Becky cooks up a storm in the kitchen but we decided this time that pizza was the way to go- for a Friday night after we had all had a long working week it was a welcome treat! We also had a few tasty sweet treats including Becky's cupcakes and amazing chocolate mousse that she had made from scratch!
 The lovely group of girls (minus Amber- who was there in spirit and made the most amazing baby shower book- filled with games and guesses!) Tina, Sarah, Becky, Sarah CW and Amy.

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