Monday, 16 November 2009

Time Out

This past week was a little bit crazy. My boss was on holiday so I was left to hold down the fort! It was very high paced but we got there in the end.

I was also really keen to catch up with friends over the week as I am so concious that I haven't seen some great friends in ages- everyone, inlcuding myself has been so busy with work.

On Monday I met Herc for lunch and it was so lovely to see her. We got lunch from Marks and Spencer and then sat on the top floor at Ocean Terminal. It was so scenic.

On Thursday I also met up with Hannah at Pizza Express and after having not meet up in a while we sat there for 3 1/2 hours! We had a good catch up!.. and tasty pizza!

I miss my friends when we can't make time. It always cheers me up and make me smile when I have caught up on a friends news and heard all about their life.

I hope that next year after a year of working in my job I will be able to manage work life balance a bit more so I don't feel like I am losing out.

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