Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Halloween at Loreen's

I loved Arnie and Loreen's decorations- they had gone to so much effort! I couldn't help but laugh at the hand in the mail box! he he! It looked so real!
 I also loved the cutlery that came packaged in little black coffin tubs- simple but so well thought out!

They had decorated their fireplace in candles and severed heads- lovely!

I was a black widow spider! I put my fasinator together and it worked. I used a spider halloween decoration, black netting, a woven round hat base and a hair comb.... I bought a glue gun at John Lewis on Saturday and put them all together and they stayed stuck (miracle!) so my glue gun may be the best investment I have made because I can see it being used again and again!
All the girlies round at Loreen's. (l-r) Alex, Emma, Emily, Lorna, Wendy, Vicki and Me. Since the boys had their rugby boys only evening down at the club house we got yummy take away, made loads of cocktails and watched X factor! I couldn't have asked for a better evening! The girls also got me a cake and sung Happy Birthday and we had some fizz to celebrate! So nice! We then went out later and caught up with the boys.
Emma, Emily and Lorna (dressed as Amy Winehouse- I love her tattoos....Lorna is an flight attendent and got called to work (as she was on call) at 8am- tattoos and I- love it!! I think she wore a long sleeve top though! 
 Emily, Wendy and Vicki.
 Wendy and I (you can sort of see my black gloves which I glued little spiders to.. all up my arm)
 Little Red Riding Hood making cocktails in her kitchen.
 We each took turns to make coktails and Lorna made Pina Coladas.
Loreen and Alex. 
 Leona was dresses as a Grecian Goodess and looked amazing!
At the Standard we had a good giggle at all the boys costumes. I loved Squawkers Mr Incredible but the best bit of his costume was the fact he was wearing loafers!! he he! 
Ewan McSherry dressed as a ghost buster and Nathan was the guy from Texas Chainshaw Massacre (I don't watch scarey movies so I wouldn't know if he did a good rendition- he was pretty scarey though!)
 Nathan and I (I'm trying to do my best scarey movie face!)
 Loreen, Lorna and Alex
 Andy dressed as a scarey scarecrow, Vicki and Stu
 Wendy and Ed in a very scarey outfit!
Wendy, Vicki and I outside the Standard before the girlies headed back to Loreen's for more cocktails and we left the boys to it!

Alex, Wendy, Me, Leona, Loreen and Lorna with Spongebob and Matt in the background.

I had such a fun night and we didn't go too ott so I felt good the next morning- tired but that was more due to the time that my Texas Chainshaw friend got back in!!

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