Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I am feeling very bogged down at the moment.

I don't seem to have time for anything.

No time for friends, family, responsibilities, to eat healthy, to excersise.. I even feel that I don't even have time to think.

I know I have been so delayed in posting for my blog but it is sadly so far down the priority list.

I have no idea how women work and have children as I can't even look after my self at the moment.

I had so many jobs to do this weekend and managed half of them- probably the least important ones!

My house suffered because I thought I cannot spend yet another weekend tidying and cleaning (and I am not that tidy!) and not relaxing... although that's a catch 22 as I am so much more relaxed when my house is clean.

It's just all getting a little bit too much at the moment so I need to get my house in order- in more ways then one.

I came into work early yesterday at 7:50am so that I had more time in the day. It felt good till about 4 when I was exhausted and then by 6 after an over 9 hour day it was like I was leaving early and not completing everything. I felt that I was falling short of the mark!

I know I spent over a year trying to look for a full time job and I am so thankful for the opportunity my role affords me. I would never want to give up my job. But HOW??? How do I survive working and having a life?

I need some inspiration and some guidance. Any words of wisdom?


Kristin Lea Robinson said...

I have been feeling really overwhelmed too and sometimes I realize that I cause the burdens. I take on to many projects and then I feel like a failure. Then I realized I just have to do what I can and focus on the most important things. It's still very hard but I'm trying. I love you and I hope you find time. yOu are beautiful. xoxo

cvallor said...

Hi Jennie, I don't know how much guidance I can offer, but I can tell you that I, too, struggle with fitting it all in. Then when I do have some time to clean, workout or do a project at home, I have no energy. I am looking forward to summer, when I can combine exercise (hiking and walking) with fresh air and relaxation...

Some days it doesn't bother me, but other days I am totally bummed out about feeling so overwhelmed by life.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we are in the same boat, and I'll be that most women our age are right there with us.

I hope things start to get better and more manageable. :)