Friday, 5 March 2010

In Memory

I know this seems very morbid and a bit weird. But on the afternoon of Christmas Becky and I left the boys to watch over the dinner whilst it cooked so we could go and see my Grandma, who sadly had to go into hospital before Christmas. She was in good spirits and was keen to hear all about weddings and holidays.
Near to the hospital is the graveyard where my Grandad was buried in August and we thought it would be a fitting tribute to visit his graveside. We took 2 white roses, similar to the ones the three of us granddaughters lay on the day he was buried, I had kept these aside from the bouquets I'd given the women of the family. 

It was beautiful at the graveside with the winter light and all the snow. It looked like a picture postcard or the scence from a movie. So I took a wee photo. 
We had a giggle remembering fun memories of my Grandad at Christmas over the years. I am glad we went.

We also marvelled at the view from Liberton. Not a bad view. It made me think of the 'Edinburgh' calendars or books that my Grandad would always get for Christmas! Not a bad resting place.

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