Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve Nathan usually goes out with the guys from his school and has dinner and drinks. This year as some of them were travelling for the holidays and others have new babies they decided to roll it into one of the guys stag weekends just before his wedding.

This was great news as it meant Nathan was freed up to spend Christmas Eve at my parents. Every year since I was little my Mum always cooks a Chritmas Eve dinner. Similar to the Scandinavians who actually have their main meal on Christmas Eve she cooks delicious meats and tasty food.

I loved when we walked down their snowy road she had put out little lanterns to guide us up their driveway.
 I realy liked the Christmas shapes of the lanterns.
 I love seeing everyones decorations come out each year and I liked this little display of animals that have been collected over the years.
 My Parents decorated the tree that Becky and I picked up for them. It looked magical with the twinkling lights.
 The Christmas Eve table laid out for our dinner.
Becky and Dougie making a face (he didn't want his photo taken!) Both Bex and Dougie were tired as they had just flown back from New York that morning after a week's holiday to the Big Apple.
In our household every Christmas Eve after dinner my parents would give Becky and I a small present of a Christmas decoration. The idea being that when we grew up we would take them with us to decorate our own family trees. Both of us don't want to take the decorations with us for the moment as my parents tree wouldn't be the same but maybe one day when we have family of our own!

Then my Dad would put the angel on the top of the tree, as we did this year (see above) and then we would light real candles on the tree, as they did traditionally in Germany. (I have taken this tradition on in my household)
 Me, Nathan, Bekcy an Dougie.
The real candles on my parents tree. It makes the room look so beautiful. 

When we were younger we would then lay out treats and milk for Santa (maybe even a whisky if he was lucky) and then my Dad would read us 'Twas the night before Christmas' before we got tucked up in our beds.

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