Monday, 15 March 2010

Wedding Planning

The last three months we have been doing a lot of wedding planning. They say that the first few months are hectic as you plan the cornerstones of your wedding and then it will calm down until the few months before. We would both agree with this so far and now we have booked our main vendors (a few deposits left to pay at the end of March) we are pretty much there. 

I am keen to make a personal book about our wedding planning etc and so have decided to make a seperate wedding blog. Not sure I will share this for the moment as we want to keep things to ourselves so our wedding is a bit of a suprise! But I will be using this website to create our Blogging Book. However I may tease you with a few sneak peaks before the big day!

I have spent a lot of Sundays at the start of this year making some home baking, sitting down with a pot of tea and my wedding file and planning. Along with reading through wedding mag after wedding mag. 

Nathan has been amazing and so involved with everything which makes me so happy as we want to have OUR wedding not 'my' wedding.

Even though we have been engaged for over 3 months I still have our engagement cards up! I love them! 

We got so many lovely cards and messages from people. It makes me so excited reading those notes. For us it is about the people- friends and family.... and I know that is going to be the hardest part. Choosing who is invited, because with our venue we will be limited with our numbers. I wish we could have everyone come to celebrate with us!

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

I am so excited for you. I am hoping I can get my pennies in order to come. Love you and hope you are well and enjoying your job and what not.