Wednesday, 3 March 2010

In the cold and frosty morning. Christmas day was pretty chilly and so quiet in our street. There also seemed to be even more pressies under our tree when we got up in the morning!
Each year Nathan and I are good and set a budget which we pretty much stick to. This year Nathan- for a bit of fun introduced categories. 
  1. A Christmas Decoration
  2. A candy or a sweet
  3. An item of clothing or an accessory
  4. A DVD
  5. A mystery gift
Nathan's mystery gift for me was a scrapbook he had made me of our trip to the States. He did a really good job and put all our tickets etc into the scrapbook as well as photos. I loved it! 
Nathan looking sleepy with his presents. We then got ready and went for breakfast to Nathan's parents house. I guess this is the advantage of living so close to both sets of parents.
 Nathan's Mum and Dad's front room with their Christmas Tree and surround all decorated.
 Nathan's dad, Neil. His Mum, Lily and Nathan
We had a lot of snow before Christmas and although it didn't snow on Christmas the streets still looked like a winter wonderland with lots of snowmen in gardens. The roads were very slippy!

We had a great breakfast of eggs and ham at Nathan's parents and spend the full morning with them before they had to get ready for their own dinner. It was so lovely to spend time with them.

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