Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Christmas Eve in our home

Starting our own traditions. After we got back from my parents house Nathan, as he'll be the head of our household. Put our newly purchased (inexpensive) angel on the top of our tree. He embraced me taking photos of him and their was much messing around. 
Nathan holding the angel before she went on our tree. This year I did white and silver, using decorations that I had previously purchased over the last few years. No new decorations were bought apart from the angel. I was very proud of myself for this as I am a crazy person for Christmas purchases! 
What a goon!
Presents under the tree! And Santa came out again this year. You can see him on the bottom right of the picture. Nathan protests at this little character every year. It freaks him out and every year he tries to get me to put him away. I love his cheery little red jumper and skis. So far I've won each year and he's made it through!
 Silver and white decorations.
After Nathan put the angel on the tree we lit our candles and sat back and had a cuddle excited about the next year and the fact that next Christmas we will closer to our wedding date.
 I love the candles!
 Nathan and I infront of our tree.

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