Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dave and Jess' wedding

30th December 2009-

I wish I had better photos of this amazing day but my camera wasn't working properly so I borrowed Nathan's Dad's in the hope that I got better shots but I couldn't work it correctly so apologies for the quality but it gives you an idea of the fun of the day.

Nathan went to school with Dave and him and his now wife Jess live in New Zealand although they both grew up here. So they held their wedding back in Edinburgh in Dave's parents' garden. I was concerned about the temperature as it had been snowing non stop before Christmas but it made it a winter wonderland and the marquee was really toasty. They had a marquee hallway all the way to the house too where we had a drinks reception after the ceremony- it looked so Christmassy.

They had a Humanist wedding which was lovely and their reading was from the Adam Sandler movie, The Wedding Singer. They had put so many beautiful accents into their day from their twig centre peices and escort cards to the lanterns around the garden. I didn't get pictures of it all sadly but hopefully you will get a wee flavour of the fun! 
 Dave getting a hug as him and Jess walk down the aisle after their ceremony.
Cutting their cake, which was our desert, it was delicious Croquembouche, which is a delicious french desert made up of profiteroles.
I loved the twigs that they used for the escort cards. You were then asked to tie your name tag which was at your place setting onto this wee tree putting a comment/ note on the back of it for Jess and Dave.
Not sure why this photo has downloaded like this but I really like this shot. Donnie, his wife Rosie, Finnie and Annie.
Becca and Duncan, whose wedding we were at in October 2008 outside of London.
Catriona and Benji with Benji's Mum. There were a lot of the boys parents at Dave and Jess' wedding as Dave's parents have remained friends with them from when the boys were all at school.
Vicki and Stu all tanned from their holiday to Cuba.
Stu, Geoff, Vicki and Becca.
Annie and Finnie.
The girls- Rosie, Jarrien, Annie, Me, Catriona and Vicki.
Having a wee dance. Benji and ROsie, Stu and Vicki and Annie.
Colin and Jarrien
Doing some Scottish Country Dancing in the Marquee.
Rosie and Donnie. Their beautiful wee girl Isla was also at the wedding during the day and she kept on twirling to show us her new dress. She was very proud and so cute!
Dave being lifted by the boys as Jess looks on.
Final dances of the evening.
Making a tunnel for the new Mr & Mrs Rutledge to leave through. I love this photo.
After everyone else had left it was only the stragglers that remained. Benji put on his i-pod and so began a Michael Jackson tribute as well as all sorts of crazy dancing!
Who said boys don't like to dance! It's usually girls that fill the dance floor!
This is a great photo- Dave's Dad at the end of the night- quite rightly enjoying himself in the knowledge that they all threw a fantastic wedding!

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