Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Christmas Lunch

 Just before Christmas a few of us got together at Tempus for Sunday lunch. It was great to see the girls especially Emma B who was up from London. Pictured above with Emma G.
 Hillary and Hilary (Emma B's old flatmate)
Me and Hills after our lunch. I gave all the girls their Christmas Pressies- the frames. They all had to laugh as somehow I had managed to place their other halves home town in the centre of the frame and they all knew they would appreciate that.

We had a great chat and catch up. I made an effort to see a lot of friends over the holidays as I felt I had been working so much before we went on holiday I hadn't seen people in ages. I caught up with Shona, Herculine, Julie, Hannah and Kate amongst others.... I never took any snaps though but they were equally as fun get togethers.

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