Thursday, 19 June 2008


My lovely friend Emma H is getting married in a few months to her wonderful fiance Sean. Emma has really done a beautiful job organizing everything and I am in no doubt it will all look amazing...

She has spent a small fortune on the most gorgeous stationary for her big day- the save the dates alone were fantastic!!

So when it came to sending out the invites she enlisted the help of Hillary and I to hand write the envelopes... I have never been so nervous writing an envelope!! Even Emma had to laugh at herself!!

We were fed for our troubles by Sean- who made a really tasty pasta dish (good culinary skills- a definite plus!) Then Emma wiped the dining room table down- twice!! .. to ensure there were no marks on it!

She then had us practice our calligraphy (ish) writing to ensure it was up to her standard!! I love the photos of her and Hillary!! (they make me laugh so much!)

I, thank the Lord, never made a mistake but Hils made a few wee mistakes (I have to add not always her fault!) ... Hils and I were both sweating and so nervous doing this task for Emma.

Hils sloped off (back to work- poor thing!!) and I was kept on for envelope filing duty!! In the end Emma had all her invites ready to go... and she had a wee emotional moment!! So we felt the need to have a champagne toast!!

Needless to say Sean didn't quite get the symbolism of the envelopes.... to Emma it made it all so real....

So funny!! She was making him feel guilty for not being more excited that we eventually got a Whoop, whoop out of him!! They are so cute together!!

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