Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fun with Friends at the Burns' wedding!

We had great fun at Annabelle and Pete's wedding. After the ceremony at St Salvador's Chapel, and before dinner was served, we all had drinks in the quad whilst a jazz band played in the background. Everyone looked great- loads of hats! Which I love!!

The photographer also got all the guys wearing kilts to stand under the chapel with Annabelle (it's the photo 4th down) it looked so good!

Earlier that day Nathan was at another wedding, of a school friend, in Edinburgh. He was then planning to get a train from Edinburgh to St Andrew's after the dinner at the first wedding. I didn't think he would make it but to my surprise whilst I was listening to the end of Pete's speech I turned round and their was Nathan.

He'd been to the hairdresser that morning and to my astonishment he'd had loads of his hair cut off (to be fair he was beginning to resemble Tom Hanks in Castaway!) ... however he'd also had his hair straightened! (which I wasn't too sure about!) an he had also shaved all his beard off too... he looked like a totally different person! ... in a good way!!

After dinner the Santini family had a special treat in store- a full pipe band preformed in the quad for our after dinner entertainment. It was so impressive!

Pictured: Annabelle and Pete watching the Pipe band;The Pipe Band; Zara, Lorna and Emily; Annabelle and her sister; Emily, Annabelle and I; Rab and his fiance Nicola; Lorna, Dan, Emily and Hendy; Shelley and Zara; Nathan (with his new haircut!!) and a new friend; Euan and Anne; Ed and Shelley; Nathan, Stuart, Ed, Jamie and Mark; Nathan and I after dancing the whole night! (very sweaty!) Zara catching the bouquet; Mark giving Zara a big smooch to congratulate her!

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Zara said...

Loving the blog Jen!! Pretty much addicted, great recipes as well!! Keep up the good work. xxx