Friday, 27 June 2008

Sick Days!

After my excessive Saturday night I was so sick on Sunday!! I lay around all day feeling very sorry for myself! Thankfully Nathan was good to me and looked after me!

For some reason I found this hideously bright t-shirt of Nathan's and decided it might make me feel better!!

And then Nathan found this sticker poking out of my scrapbooking box and stuck it on me!! I certainly do not love sick days!!

After Sunday's bout of illness I seemed to be better on Monday but then come Tuesday and for the rest of the week I have felt awful!! I thought at first it was bad hayfever but no it's a big bad horrible cold!!

I'm sure the weekends entertainments either crashed my immune system or Sunday's toilet hugging brought out a big bad bug from my sinuses- I have just realised this is way too much information!! So I'll stop.. all you need to know is I'm sick sick sick!

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