Thursday, 19 June 2008

I'm Back to Blogging!!

Hooray! I am back to blogging and boy do I have a lot of stuff to catch my blog up on!

I finished my 3 week contract with the agency on Tuesday- I was so sad to finish and I really do hope there are further opportunities there in the future.

The top four photos are of the Water of Leith- just at the back of the building I was working in. I would often go for lunch time walks along here- so pretty and peaceful!

The team I was working with were great and I really had such an eye opener into Agency life- it was so much different than I had imagined- I now get what agencies mean when they say that "client side" is so different from "agency side"... but I loved it!!! It was so stressful and I had my head down all day but I had such a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.... so it was a good stress.. that kind of pace that makes you get things done!!

Although talking of things getting done our home has really suffered in the last few weeks!- it looks like a bomb has gone off- or as if the place has been ransacked by burglars!!

So today I am planning on hitting the domestic chores hard!! I have a washing pile taller than Nathan!!

.. but before I get to that I thought I would start updating some of the past few weeks on my wee blog..

I know some people have been missing it- which is lovely! In particular I have to mention my friend Mark- one of the most unlikely people to have read this.... or so I thought!! Apparently I'm on his list of favourite websites and he says he checks up every day! So he's been very disappointed that I've not updated anything in weeks! So just for you Mark I'll make an effort to get back on track!! ;-)

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