Thursday, 26 June 2008

A lovely day in St Andrews!

Sunday 15th June-

Nathan and I had to check out of our hotel room by 10.30am on the Sunday morning after the wedding- not great when you only got to bed after 3 and have to be up for breakfast at 8.30!! yuck!

But we made it!! After a cheeky Bloody Mary over lunch I was revived!! We even managed a tour round St Andrews Cathedral ruins... Nathan wouldn't walk in the graveyard but it was really stunning to see the old building. Some of the ruins looked so odd!!

After a great tour round the town we caught the train back to Edinburgh and I had a great snooze snuggled into Nathan- I'm thinking there are some advantages to not having a car!! The scenery was spectacular along the coastline!! (or so Nathan informed me!!!) z z z z z z z........

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