Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sunday Night Dinner cooked by Becky!

When my sister and her boyfriend moved in together my Mum bought us both a copy of Delia Smith's 'How to cheat' recipe book... I've still not made anything from it. But on Sunday night my sister invited me round and made a hearty, delicious meal!

Bangers with caramelised red onions and mustard mash! Yum! Except Bex took out all the cheat elements (Delia uses frozen mashed potato and a jar of caramelised Red Onions- but Bex did those from scratch!) it made it taste so good!! I think I preferred the non cheat version!

Dougie was studying for his final exam so after tea we left him to it and watched some more episodes of series six of Sex and the City.

I love their new flat- it's so nice!! And their TV is massive!! (56"- or something ridiculous like that!!- Dougie's responsibility!!) But it was great watching SATC on a massive screen rather than my little 15" TV!! It was like being at the movies!!

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Heidi said...

Jennie - it seems like life is full of happiness and you are doing really well!! I love keeping up with your day to day with your beautiful blog!! Love you!!