Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Santini Burns Wedding!

Annabelle Santini and Pete Burns' wedding was held on the 14th of June in St Andrew's within their former University chapel and grounds, St Salvador's. It was such a beautiful ceremony and so emotional! Pete's voice cracked halfway through his vows which of course set Annabelle off! After she finished her vows she did a huge sniff which echoed right into the ministers microphone- sending waves of giggles throughout the church!!

We all had such a good day- there were so many lovely people there! Alot of whom I hadn't seen since we celebrated New Year at Pete and Annabelle's house.

They are such a fantastic couple and every time you are in their company it is plain to see how much they love each other and how much joy they share.

.... and talk about emotional... the speeches after dinner were so good!! Pete is in publishing but the way he read his speech and the genuine feelings behind what he said had us all on our feet!

Such a lovely day!

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