Friday, 27 June 2008

Lorna's birthday!

On Saturday 21st of June Nathan and I had a busy night.

There was an impromptu party at the rugby club as they are knocking down the old club house building this week- it's over 100 years old... (long overdue- the new development was due to be up by now)

So we went down for an hour or so with Lily and Neil (Nathan's parents) and had a few glasses of champagne to toast the Ben Tod Lounge (the bar in the clubhouse that the boys always drink at!)

Afterwards we went up (.. slightly later than planned!) to Cargo where there was a wee surprise party for Lorna.

It was such a miserable night weather wise but we all had a good giggle... I hadn't quite watched what I was drinking during the evening and with all my champagne and then wine at Lorna's I had to be scooped up and taken home by my better half!! (Slightly embarrassing! ...and totally not like me!!)

I was so puzzled as I had drunk all day at Pete and Annabelle's and was there right till the end.. then I realized that I was drinking good quality Sancerre at their wedding... not quite the plonk that Cargo serve!! Then as I was relaying this to Nathan on the Sunday- trying to explain my sad state of affairs he let slip that the vodka and Red Bull he made me before we left the house was in fact a TRIPLE!! ... So it's totally not my fault I was so rough the next day! I plead diminished responsibility!

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