Thursday, 19 June 2008

Sex and the City!

It seems crazy to be blogging about this now but I still haven't put my pictures up!!

The last blogging I did was the weekend that Hillary, Hannah, Becky and myself had been watching season 6 on dvd to get reacquainted with the SATC girls! Well the following Friday, the 30th of May I had Zara, Becky and Hillary round after work and we each brought some nibbles and we had ourselves a picnic before we went to see the movie.

Muchos impressed by Zara's kebabs.. so tasty!.. and Becky made awesome Brushetta... Hils also adorned the table with M&S' finest nibbles

It was a little rushed as we didn't have much time between work and going to the movies... Hils kindly picked me up from work and I got started on my cupcakes (essential for SATC) sadly they weren't cooled when I came to put butter icing on them- so it melted slightly... but the girls assured me that they still tasted just as good!!

I also went to the Cocktail Emporium on Broughton Street and purchased the ingredients for making Cosmopolitan cocktails- the guy was so helpful and if ever you're having a cocktail party I'd recommend seeking his advise...

I LOVED the movie and actually thought it was better than the programs- I thought the characters were much more in depth as it was much less about the sexual relationship and going from relationship to relationship.

And all about what happens when you do find your Mr Right.... and how there isn't always a fairytale ending... that it's really hard work and it's never perfect... it just has to be worked at... and I can so relate to that right now!!!

But most of all the movie was about friendship and being there for one another as friends- whatever happens in life! (and you gotta love that!!)

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