Thursday, 19 June 2008

Grandad Jimmy turns 84!

On Saturday June the 7th we went to visit my Grandad in his home at Strachan House. He came here just before Christmas as he was needing more care.

My Grandma and Dad drove down from Portobello, where my Grandma still lives and Becky and I drove across town.

We had such a lovely afternoon and the home really made a big effort to celebrate his birthday!

We gave him a huge package of sweets- his favourite thing!! Anything sugary he cannot get enough of. My Dad also got him a new strap for his watch which he was very grateful for.

He is much more himself now he has constant care- and he even cracked a few jokes!! My Grandad Jimmy was always the one telling bad jokes that you couldn't help but laugh at!!

He was a butcher for most of his life, after serving in the forces toward the end of the war. He celebrated his 18th Birthday in Egypt and his 21st in Norway! I always remember him being a big strong man- lugging big haunches of meat around his shop. He worked 6 days a week and in the summer on a Sunday you could find him in his garden with his shirt off... tanning himself in a vest and panama hat!

I have such warm memories of my Grandparents and I'm so thankful I still have the joy of their company.

I also love these photos of Becky dressing up in my Grandma's hat- it reminds me of what she was like when we were younger and used to play at my Grandparents house.

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