Friday, 27 June 2008

Spainward Bound!


Well I'd better get a move on as I still need to cram the last few things in my suitcase!

I am off to Madrid this evening to spend the weekend with 12 other lovely ladies celebrating the soon to be married Emma H!

It's quite far for a Bachelorette party but it should be great fun!

I'm back on Sunday so I'll have lots of updating to do then! and hopefully a little bit of colour too!... and maybe even have got rid of this horrible cold!! .... which reminds me I must pack my Lemsip!

Spinach Ricotta and Pine Nut Lasagne!

On Monday before the sickness kicked in I made a very tasty tea!

Lily, Nathan's mum has an allotment where amongst other things she grows some wonderful vegetables!

On Sunday Nathan's Dad dropped off a big box of goodies... including about 500g of fresh spinach!

I was unsure what to do with it (apart from serving it plain)... so I looked in my recipe books and found a great recipe that I thought Nathan would love! Spinach, Pine Nuts and 4 different types of cheese in a Lasagne! Yum! (not for those who are counting calories!)

I'll update this post with the recipe when I get a chance but for now here's some tasty looking photos!

Sick Days!

After my excessive Saturday night I was so sick on Sunday!! I lay around all day feeling very sorry for myself! Thankfully Nathan was good to me and looked after me!

For some reason I found this hideously bright t-shirt of Nathan's and decided it might make me feel better!!

And then Nathan found this sticker poking out of my scrapbooking box and stuck it on me!! I certainly do not love sick days!!

After Sunday's bout of illness I seemed to be better on Monday but then come Tuesday and for the rest of the week I have felt awful!! I thought at first it was bad hayfever but no it's a big bad horrible cold!!

I'm sure the weekends entertainments either crashed my immune system or Sunday's toilet hugging brought out a big bad bug from my sinuses- I have just realised this is way too much information!! So I'll stop.. all you need to know is I'm sick sick sick!

Lorna's birthday!

On Saturday 21st of June Nathan and I had a busy night.

There was an impromptu party at the rugby club as they are knocking down the old club house building this week- it's over 100 years old... (long overdue- the new development was due to be up by now)

So we went down for an hour or so with Lily and Neil (Nathan's parents) and had a few glasses of champagne to toast the Ben Tod Lounge (the bar in the clubhouse that the boys always drink at!)

Afterwards we went up (.. slightly later than planned!) to Cargo where there was a wee surprise party for Lorna.

It was such a miserable night weather wise but we all had a good giggle... I hadn't quite watched what I was drinking during the evening and with all my champagne and then wine at Lorna's I had to be scooped up and taken home by my better half!! (Slightly embarrassing! ...and totally not like me!!)

I was so puzzled as I had drunk all day at Pete and Annabelle's and was there right till the end.. then I realized that I was drinking good quality Sancerre at their wedding... not quite the plonk that Cargo serve!! Then as I was relaying this to Nathan on the Sunday- trying to explain my sad state of affairs he let slip that the vodka and Red Bull he made me before we left the house was in fact a TRIPLE!! ... So it's totally not my fault I was so rough the next day! I plead diminished responsibility!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Fathers Day!

15th of June-

After I got back from St Andrew's Becky picked me up from the train station and after a quick stop at Starbucks for some much needed caffeine (and the essential cup cake!!) we drove up to her and Dougie's flat.

She had organized a beautiful Father's Day meal. We had brilliant Antipasti to start- so tasty! and then a lovely Spagetti Carbonara... (great nutritious food for a hangover!)

It's so cute... each month Dougie and Becky are buying a new piece of furniture for their flat (they are so good with their money!) This month they bought 2 more chairs for their dinning table so we could all sit down to dinner at their gorgeous table.

I lent them some table linen and it looked so pretty- They both went to such an effort- I know my Dad enjoyed his Father's Day with us girls.. and Dougie too!!

A lovely day in St Andrews!

Sunday 15th June-

Nathan and I had to check out of our hotel room by 10.30am on the Sunday morning after the wedding- not great when you only got to bed after 3 and have to be up for breakfast at 8.30!! yuck!

But we made it!! After a cheeky Bloody Mary over lunch I was revived!! We even managed a tour round St Andrews Cathedral ruins... Nathan wouldn't walk in the graveyard but it was really stunning to see the old building. Some of the ruins looked so odd!!

After a great tour round the town we caught the train back to Edinburgh and I had a great snooze snuggled into Nathan- I'm thinking there are some advantages to not having a car!! The scenery was spectacular along the coastline!! (or so Nathan informed me!!!) z z z z z z z........

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fun with Friends at the Burns' wedding!

We had great fun at Annabelle and Pete's wedding. After the ceremony at St Salvador's Chapel, and before dinner was served, we all had drinks in the quad whilst a jazz band played in the background. Everyone looked great- loads of hats! Which I love!!

The photographer also got all the guys wearing kilts to stand under the chapel with Annabelle (it's the photo 4th down) it looked so good!

Earlier that day Nathan was at another wedding, of a school friend, in Edinburgh. He was then planning to get a train from Edinburgh to St Andrew's after the dinner at the first wedding. I didn't think he would make it but to my surprise whilst I was listening to the end of Pete's speech I turned round and their was Nathan.

He'd been to the hairdresser that morning and to my astonishment he'd had loads of his hair cut off (to be fair he was beginning to resemble Tom Hanks in Castaway!) ... however he'd also had his hair straightened! (which I wasn't too sure about!) an he had also shaved all his beard off too... he looked like a totally different person! ... in a good way!!

After dinner the Santini family had a special treat in store- a full pipe band preformed in the quad for our after dinner entertainment. It was so impressive!

Pictured: Annabelle and Pete watching the Pipe band;The Pipe Band; Zara, Lorna and Emily; Annabelle and her sister; Emily, Annabelle and I; Rab and his fiance Nicola; Lorna, Dan, Emily and Hendy; Shelley and Zara; Nathan (with his new haircut!!) and a new friend; Euan and Anne; Ed and Shelley; Nathan, Stuart, Ed, Jamie and Mark; Nathan and I after dancing the whole night! (very sweaty!) Zara catching the bouquet; Mark giving Zara a big smooch to congratulate her!

The Santini Burns Wedding!

Annabelle Santini and Pete Burns' wedding was held on the 14th of June in St Andrew's within their former University chapel and grounds, St Salvador's. It was such a beautiful ceremony and so emotional! Pete's voice cracked halfway through his vows which of course set Annabelle off! After she finished her vows she did a huge sniff which echoed right into the ministers microphone- sending waves of giggles throughout the church!!

We all had such a good day- there were so many lovely people there! Alot of whom I hadn't seen since we celebrated New Year at Pete and Annabelle's house.

They are such a fantastic couple and every time you are in their company it is plain to see how much they love each other and how much joy they share.

.... and talk about emotional... the speeches after dinner were so good!! Pete is in publishing but the way he read his speech and the genuine feelings behind what he said had us all on our feet!

Such a lovely day!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Sarah C-W's baby Shower!

My Sister and Amber hosted Sarah C-W's Baby shower on the 8th of June.

Becky is Sarah's son Sebastian's Godmother and Amber is Godmother to Sarah's elder child, Lucy. Amber and her Americanism's organized the party games- which Dougie, who'd just come back from rugby also joined in on!!

Becky and Dougie's new couch hadn't arrived in time but the flat still looked beautiful!

The theme was Butterflies- so I made butterfly cakes- which were a HUGE hit with Lucy and Seb! All that sugar!! (sorry Sarah and James!!)

It was really lovely to see all the girls from Becky's work as I hadn't caught up with them in ages!