Friday, 17 September 2010

4 years since we met.

Yesterday marked the day that Nathan and I first met 4 years ago. We didn't start going out until the October but first met on the 16th of September. When putting our wedding website together we did a little section on how we met. So I thought I'd re write it here. 

‘Good Pants, Bad Pants’
September 16th 2006- We were introduced by a mutual friend, Hillary (who is one of our wedding party) in Poo Naa Naa, a nightclub in the centre of Edinburgh. When the nightclub closed we all headed back to an after party at another mutual friends (at what was known as the 'Carlton Club'). Many gin and tonics later in the wee small hours Nathan suggested playing ‘good pants, bad pants’ (competing to see who had the best underwear!)– standing in the middle of the room he displaying his tropical fish boxers to everyone…. Allegedly good pants…. Jennie then followed (the only other to play the game ) as her underwear matched her top… (although for the record she only flashed a modest section of the top of her underwear!) and that was it… Nathan had found his match.
A month went by and after a few communications on Bebo we bumped into each other again in the Opal Lounge on George Street. At the end of the night Becky, Jennie’s sister encouraged Nathan with a nudge and a wink (although Jennie had said nothing to her… sisterly intuition perhaps!) so a date was arranged for Montpellier’s the following Friday and the rest as they say is history!
Back in November 2006 when we had just started dating.
At a friend's wedding in September 2010.

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