Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My Grandparents House

My Grandparents detached bungalow near Portobello that they have lived in since my Dad and Aunt were young children. I have so many found memories of this house it will be hard to say goodbye but at the same time sorting through everything for my Grandma has been nice. To look over things once again and smile at the memories associated with it. This weekend I will be sorting through the final stages of clearing so that we can get the house on the market. Although one of the family has first refusal, once we have had it valued.
I thought when I was down on Sunday I would take a few wee photos before I have to pack everything away. Above is the back living room and dinning room which the kitchen joins on to. There used to be a sheepskin rug in front of this fire that as children we always used to sit at. There is an armchair either side of the fire and whenever we stayed with my Grandparents we would get up early and have a cup of tea with my Grandma and dip a rich tea biscuit into our tea and feed it to Kirsty, my Grandparents collie dog (who is depicted in a drawing above the fireplace.)
Their formal sitting room at the front of the house where my  sister and I would sit and watch 'Mary Poppins' or other movies on VHS. My Grandparents recorded so many movies off the TV- mostly James Bond movies.
The view from the window of the front sitting room.
In ever corner there are photographs. Amongst their belongings are so many letters and cards my sister and I have written them over the years which is so lovely to see. That small effort was clearly appreciated. I love that there is also a photo of my host family and I from my time in America. I must have sent it in a Christmas letter 13 years ago and it still remains in the frame.
My favourite little corner in the front sitting room is like a shrine to my family. My sister and I's picture, when Becky was a baby, hangs on the wall with my Parent's wedding photo underneath. To either side are my Parent's University graduation photographs. Clearly my Grandparents were so proud of my Dad and his life.
I love this wee drinks trolley and all the cocktail nik nacs that sit upon it. I said to Nathan I am so glad he has gotten to help with my Grandparents house and can see how much my Grandma loved a gadget... and that it is not my fault I am a hoarder- it's in my genes!
I will miss the hydrangea bush at the back patio too. As they are all starting to turn I snipped a few off to take back to our flat. I should have also taken a snap of the garden as it is so spacious. I will before we sell the house.

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