Thursday, 2 September 2010

Accies Girls Night- Bridal Theme

(l-r) Loreen, Jenny, Vicki, Lesley, Emily and Leona. Front row: Wendy and Baby Katie. 

Loreen hosted this months Accies girls night with a Bridal Shower theme for Lesley's upcoming wedding this Saturday. 

She went to so much effort with cupcakes, sweets, tasty food and had bought Muriels Wedding to play in the background. I love that film. We didn't watch much of it though as we were too busy chatting and hearing the finer details of Lesley's plans for the week. 

Loreen had also ironed 'Bride to Be' on the back of a lovely black t-shirt and had a matching L plate for Lesley to wear.

We did manage to play a few fun games too. The wedding alphabet game and how well did we know the bride. It was a good way to find out more about Lesley and ourselves.... lots of stories to be told. 

Young Katie Stuart also accomapied her Mum Wendy to join us for her first Accies girls night.

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