Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dieting and losing weight

Well I am being rubbish at the moment. 

With my Grandma only now moved into her home and her two houses to sell I am still unsettled. Work is not that stressful at the moment yet I have no energy or enthusiasm for going to the gym or for doing much of anything if truth be told. 

I need to get fit and healthy... but I feel like I need a wee push to kick start me so I thought I'd have a wee nose at the Internet for some celeb pics that might inspire me (I know they are air brushed but hey it could be a good start!) 

Nathan always refers to my body shape as being a rubenesque figure. (He loves my figure so no issues there.) and to be fair I think he is pretty spot on. This photo is not the best for demonstrating it but it's the most modest for my American friends.

Above is Venus in the Mirror by Peter Paul Ruben's in the 17th century. All Ruben's women have a rather sizable rear end as do I.... but even when I was 50+ lbs lighter than I am now I still had an ass to rival JLo and Kim.
 Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Lopez
So I was looking around and after having watched the Notebook the other night I thought I'd look at Rachel McAdams. A very kind friend told me I look like her when she is in the Time Travelers Wife. Too kind and I wish I did!
There may be a wee bit of a resemblance but not enough for my liking!

Now this is the figure I would like to have (although I do think she looks too skinny on her top half at times.) but her legs look so lean and fit... not too skinny just healthy. I don't know how much truth is in these celeb diet websites but I read the below info:

Rachel’s Diet
Rachel’s been on many different diets in the past, but recently she did the Master Cleanse Diet where you drink a concoction of freshly squeezed lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and filtered water that is free of fluoride. This diet is excellent for anyone wanting to lose some extra weight fast because you only do the Master Cleanse Diet for about 10 days. Now this diet is not for everyone, so make sure you consult your doctor before starting anything. 

Rachel’s Exercise Routine
Rachel says she loves incorporating everyday activities into her workouts such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator/escalator. She also loves running and does a lot of yoga and pilates. Although Rachel does work out a lot, she says she does let herself indulge in some of her favorite snacks once in a while.

So maybe that's a start!! But then I looked up Drew Barrymore, who has lost weight in recent years and is looking really good. 

From another Celeb Diet Blog: 

Drew Barrymore is America’s sweetheart and she knows how to keep in shape! Although being a vegan for years, Drew has now gone back to eating meat, but she’s still got some of the best diet and exercise secrets in all of Hollywood. Find out what Drew does to stay in shape!


Drew’s diet varies from organic veggies to small meals throughout the day. She also follows a low calorie diet and a low carb diet. She also enjoys coffee and allows herself a little low-fat snack now and then.


Drew likes a boot-camp style workout to keep the boredom away. She sticks to exercise about 3-4 times a week and also incorporates dancing, swimming and jogging into her routine.
Drew Barrymore’s Tips and Tricks
“I wish I could say there was a miracle cure, but it’s all really quite boring. I’ve always hated those people who say that eating right and exercising is the only way to lose weight, but now I’m with them, I’m one of them.”
“I use a StairMaster, go to Pilates classes and run regularly. I run as far as I can. I don’t cook, so I get all my food from healthy takeaways in Los Angeles. You can order really delicious, fresh steamed fish or chicken with steamed vegetables. The difficult thing is that now I’ve lost the weight, I’m trying to maintain it.”
“Losing the weight has given me confidence and a sense of pride, but I’m not about to go down to a size zero. Don’t worry about me because I would never fall prey to all that bulls**t.”
I think she might be a girl after my own heart.... so that's what I have to do... 8 months + of exercise and eating right.... just as well I have Nathan on hand, who is starting his fitness company. 

 I also love Christina Hendricks from Mad Men- she is so sexy.... 

At the end of the day I  do love my curves... I just want them to be a little less bumpy and not quite so wide. I want to be fit and healthy. I am never going to be skinny in the way that some girls are... but as one of the wedding dress assistants said to me- there will be girls paying large amounts of money for breast enlargements to fill their dresses... you don't have to worry about that- if you've got it flaunt it!

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

Girl I feel you with the diet. I need to get myself together too and gather the motivation :) If you gather some let me know! I have a gym pass and everything and find myself going a measly once a week.

I would love to see your wedding dress to you have photos of it yet?