Monday, 6 September 2010

Lunch with an Old Bag

Dressed up in my blue tea dress and pearls outside the marquee where the cocktail hour was held. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I really wish I'd snapped a picture when I was coming up Prestonfield's drive when I arrived as all you could see were 500 women all standing in the sunshine, sipping cocktails, the riot of colour was fantastic. My outfit was very tame and a little old fashioned compared to some of the gorgeous dresses that were worn. But then I don't have a millionaire husband or a substantial income of my own.
Lulu preformed a couple of songs and also took questions. She looked great and is so tiny. She kicked off her huge heels so she could jump around to 'Shout!' She really is a legend. (She mentioned her beauty range- which we all good samples of and I have to say her hand cream is really good....See here for more details.)

Can you notice the floral displays either side of the stage? Beautiful! James Thomson who owns Prestonfield foots the bill for all the food and decor to support the Princes Trust. The stables, where we ate our lunch, were beautifully set up with accents of pink and gold- So much work must have gone into organising the day.
Grant Stott ran the auction which was AMAZING. I would have loved to be able to donate money to charity and receive any one of the prizes in return. They were so opulent... maybe one day. The silent auction was also very good and each table had a chip and pin machine and each person had their own card to bid (dangerous).... in total all the funds raised came to approximately £120,000!! Brilliant.
My Dad's good friend, Anne Ferguson who invited me to be part of her table. All the ladies on her table were so lovely. I was being given great advice on married life and hearing some great tales of their lives. It was such an enjoyable afternoon. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to attend next year.

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