Monday, 6 September 2010

Lesley and Ross Browne's wedding

This weekend has been really hectic- I don't even feel like I had a 3 day weekend.

Straight after dress shopping on Saturday I ran down to our friend Loreen's flat to get changed to go to Lesley and Ross' wedding near Perth. Nathan was driving a few of us over so I was able to have a wee drink but I didn't go too crazy as I knew I had a very busy day on the Sunday.

I managed to snap some great pictures of all the couples from the rugby club that were there but my red eye wasn't working so apologise for making everyone look like they have devil eyes.

It was a really lovely night and Lesley looked very pretty in her dress. I also loved Ross' song at the end of the evening. 
 The newly married Mr and Mrs Browne... Lesley and Ross
 Our Accies table at the side of the dance floor.
  Fiona and Ramin (who will be one of Nathan and I's two Best Men)
Emily and Dan (can you believe she had twins 3 months ago!)
Zara and Mark.... she looked brilliant in her blue BCBG dress (loved it!)
Loreen and Arnie.
Bambi and Jenny Broatch
Leona and Matt (who didn't want his photo taken!)
Ed, Wendy and Baby Katie. She was so well behaved at the wedding. Ed looked very smart in his new kilt and I loved the grey of Wendy's dress... warm grey seems to be sneaking into the wedding palette even more!
Hendy and Lorna
Stu and Vicki (every photo I have of them at a wedding he has his hands on her derriere so we made him move them to a more demure position!)
Nathan in his new Walker Slater suit (more on that in a later post) and me.
All the Accies girls together (minus the bride sadly) Wendy, Leona, Emily, Lorna, Vicki, Me, Zara, Jenny and Loreen.
Dancing the night away- Jenny, Vicki, Bambi, Dan, Emily and Stu.
At the end of the night Ross sang Caledonia (always makes me cry) Everyone was in a big circle round Lesley and Ross singing along...very touching.

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