Wednesday, 8 September 2010

End of Festival Fireworks

You always know it is the end of the Summer and start of Autumn when you go to watch the end of festival fireworks. On Sunday night after working down at my Grandparents house we dashed to a BBQ at Vicki and Stu's house and then all walked down to Inverlieth Park to watch the fireworks from the bank above the pond. It wasn't great as we couldn't hear the orchestra music and I didn't think the fireworks were as impressive as usual. It was still nice to see everyone. 

Top picture: Wendy holding Katie, Ed, Jimmy, Vicki, Samson, Stu, Loreen and Arnie.
Nathan and I snuggled up watching the fireworks.
The fireworks over the castle and reflecting in Inverleith pond.
My Mum joined us in the park to watch the fireworks.

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