Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lunch with an Old bag

I am really excited as tomorrow I have the day off work to attend a charity lunch. 

My Dad's wonderful friend, Anne invited both Becky and I but sadly she can't go. So I will be venturing to Prestonfield House (such a beautiful hotel- have a look on their website if you have a chance) to the charity lunch cheekily called 'Lunch with an Old Bag'.

Lunch With an Old Bag is a fundraising lunch with all proceeds going directly to The Prince's Trust Scotland, who work with young people to help them move their lives forward into education, employment or training. Last year they helped 4000 young people across Scotland, with 82% going on to succeed.

Such a good cause and it sounds like it's going to be great fun. Below are some of the details that were sent through to us: 
"On Friday 3rd September there will be 500 women (and a few brave men) attending this lunch. They will have debated over hemlines, worried about their tailoring, checked in for a colour catch up and the perfect blow dry. They will have droned to their partners incessantly about 'saving that date' and warning that any potential conflicts will not be tolerated. They will have changed their mind about their 'look' at least 3 times, shelving the impulse purchase and opting for the classic piece already in their wardrobe. All in pursuit of the required 'glamorous old bag' look! They will bear one thing in mind as Arthur Miller once said: "A beautiful woman can turn heads but real glamour has a deeper pull. Glamour has the power to rearrange people's emotion to control one's environment". That's exactly what all these wonderful ladies will be doing that day, supporting with all their emotion and strength The Princes Trust - oozing with glamour of course."

Now.... what on earth am I going to wear!!! 

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