Thursday, 16 September 2010

New Home for my Grandma

On Sunday after spending the day at my Grandparents house I went to set up my Grandma's room in her temporary home. She was due to be living here until her 1st choice home was available and she was at the top of the waiting list.
I set up her room with some of her ornaments and favourite photographs so it looked nice with them all in place. All ready for her to move on Friday. I only took a few things as she wasn't planning on being there long.

However on Tuesday I was phoned to say the 1st choice home now has a room available and so she will be moving there on Friday instead. Which is great news as we can get her properly settled. Her new room is also much bigger than the one pictured.

I however need to get her new room set up for her with all her belongings. I will also be able to move more of her things to her new home this weekend as this will be her final room. I can't wait till she is all settled in.

I also went at her request and bought her a new outfit from Marks and Spencers. I really hope that at 83 I still take as much care of myself as my Grandma does. (I don't think I even do now!) I bought her new trousers, a top and a lovely red cardigan... she was delighted with it. I loved how much it made her happy. She is getting her hair cut and permed today and I brought in some colour (rouge and lipstick) for her to wear when she leaves hospital after almost 10 months. I was joking with her about her 'going away' outfit but in all seriousness she just wants to look good and feel confident when she moves to her new home and meets the staff and her fellow residents.

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