Monday, 30 August 2010

Elie and Anstruther

Earlier in the week Paul, who plays rugby with Nathan had e-mailed to say his cricket team were playing at the Ship Inn in Elie on the Bank Holiday Sunday. The ground the cricket team in Elie use is the beach (which is tidal!) so it starts early and then as the afternoon wears on their boundaries have to be moved in as the sea approaches. It was a lovely day and although there were some clouds when the sun was out it was so nice. Jackets were still required at Elie as it was pretty windy.
Lily and Neil came up for the earlier part of the game and then went on a long walk along the beach and cliffs.
I love that in cricket they stop for tea. Paul brought us these tasty homemade merguines down from the tea that was laid on for them. They were so delicious. I could definitely be a cricket WAG if it involves baking!
Stu and Vicki's dog Samson was up for the day with them. Zara and I took him on a wee walk along the beach and for a play in the sand... it was so funny watching him as he is still a puppy and experiences are all so new and exciting. At one point he had an entire crab in his mouth.... oh dear. He is getting so big.
The cricket was very calming and Loreen (Paul's girlfriend) had also brought magazines for us girlies to read. Paul is batting in this picture at the far away wicket.
The girls- Loreen, Zara, Me and Vicki.
Mark, Stuart, Nathan and Paul.
Nathan sitting in the sunshine on the wall. You can see the tide coming in behind him.
Zara took this photo of Nathan and I sat on the wall looking out to what was the cricket field only 2 hours before. It was so relaxing sitting there in the evening sun.
Ed, Wendy and baby Katie came and joined us on their way down from Aberdeen in the early evening.
Looking out to the lighthouse and back across to Edinburgh and East Lothian.
From the carpark to where we had spent the afternoon. Elie is such a beautiful village.
Vicki, Stu, Arnie (showing how full he is!) Loreen, Nathan (making more faces!) Mark, Wendy (at the back) Zara, Baby Katie and Ed all at the Anstruther Fish Bar after we had a very tasty dinner.
The Anstruther Fish Bar is really famous. Only 5 miles from Elie we all drove up to sit in and have dinner. They were the fish and chip shop winner of the year for the UK in 2008/2009 so that shows you how good they are! The fish is fresh from the boats that work around the local areas.
Anstruther harbour with all the sailing boats moored up for the night. It was the perfect way to end a great weekend. If only we had today off too for the Bank Holiday!


Kristin Lea Robinson said...

Isn't that where we got fish and chips when I came with Hilary? It looks like you had a lovely weekend. I can't believe it's been three years since I came! :) Time flies.

Jennie Landels said...

Hey Kristin, you are correct lovely. That is indeed where we went with Hillary on our way back from St Andrews. I can't believe it has been that long either!

Nathan and I have now lived together in our flat for 3 years! Time does indeed fly!