Thursday, 5 August 2010


On Tuesday I met up with my friend Kate with her 4 month old son, Tom. (not the most flattering photos of Tom but he was such a gem- all her boys have been such contented wee souls.) We went for coffee and did a little bit of window shopping in town. Then we met Kate's friend from school, Julie who has recently just moved back from America. (She's a pilot- what a cool job!) It was great to met her and hear about their school days. I love spending time with Kate. It is always such a treat as I don't get to see her often. She always lifts my spirit!

After lunch I then walked along to meet Wendy, who was about to begin week 41 of her pregnancy. I had afternoon tea with Wendy (she was drinking raspberry leaf tea!) and a lovely girl called Lisa who went to the same antenatal class as Wendy and Ed and is due her baby this Saturday. Wendy was frustrated that nothing had begun to happen yet for her.....

However as I write this she is now in the Royal and in labour! Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long for her. Reports from Ed are that Wendy and Baby are doing well and Baby's heart rate is good and it is positioned in the right place ready to 'rock n roll!'

Not long now!

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