Thursday, 5 August 2010

Good Food

Tasty, simple food. Gnocchi with pesto accompanied with salad and a garlic pizza (I put some rosemary on too so it was like the focaccia that you get in Vin Caffe which I LOVE!)
Nathan has set me (and himself) a challenge when we move to my Dad's for August. Earlier in the year I signed up to a subscription of the Good Food magazine when the one I was given as a gift ran out. Due to recent events I haven't had time for cooking and to be honest even before then life was a little hectic. When we were tidying this last week there were some magazines I found that weren't even opened.

So for the next few weeks I am going to try and get back into cooking from scratch and making the simple easy recipes from Good Food. I have not taken any other of my many cookbooks down to my Dad's with me so it will be Good Food or nothing.

.....(apart from a recipe book for whoopies I just bought!!- I am intrigued as I think I might have overdone cupcakes for the moment!) I also want to try merguines as well.... this doesn't bode well for the fitness and health kick though!! I just love to bake sweet treats!

I hope the weather is nice for us and then we can sit in the wee garden and enjoy dinner alfresco.

I will keep you updated on the recipes I try. I have packed all my spices and dry ingredients so I don't spend a fortune buying replacement ingredients.

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