Monday, 16 August 2010

Sunday Evening

After a busy day of family activities- My sister and I visited my Dad's storage facility and then Nathan and I visited Nathan's Mum and Dad and caught up on their news and sat in their garden in the sunshine. (yes, we actually had good sun this weekend!)- Nathan and I went to Sainsburys and bought dinner which we took round to Ed and Wendy where we cooked them Sunday dinner. We also took round some of Lily and Neil's allotment veggies as part of the meal. So new Mum, Wendy had lots of good vitamins to boost her system.

Nathan and I made lamb with Mediterranean vegetables, potato salad with tatziki and houmous on pitta breads. Just 'cos we didn't have enough food we also made tricolour! It was very tasty and we were all very full at the end of the meal.
Ed, Nathan and new Mum, Wendy. (Little Katie was having a wee snooze.) They are both doing so well and I loved seeing them with their little cute bundle of joy.

Hopefully we can do this for them again sometime soon as they are always hosting us for BBQs. I also love their kitchen- oh to have a kitchen like theirs! (one day!)

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Vicki said...

Jennie, it has been so long since I have been on your blogg, on anyones, it has been a very busy summer, but I so enjoyed reading everything. Your dad really did a lot, wish we could have met him. I know that was a very difficutlt time, and you were thought of often. Wedding plans are really in the making. I love the color of the bridemaids dresses. Please remind me of the date, as we need to do some planning. I love you and we miss you. Love, Vicki/your american mom. Hi to Nathan