Friday, 27 August 2010

Bake Sale for Pakistan

When my Mum was up from London a couple of weekends ago the oven (which is about 29 years old) gave up! So my plans for cooking from Good Food has been put on hold as we can only have salads and hob cooked meals. (We don't even have our crock pot at my Dad's as we left it in the flat for our festival letters.) 

So when it came to baking for our office bake sale I was slightly stuck. I could not do cupcakes, whoopies or any adventurous cakes like I had planned. Instead I had to make Nigella's rocky road.... and try and remember the ingredients as I left the recipe at home too... (I forgot the butter...oops!)
My rocky roads with little stars added in for a bit of extra decoration.
There was a lot of treats made for the bake sale and I managed to only have one wee cupcake... and nothing else (that is discipline- especially from me!)
I loved these little cakes that my colleague Bob's wife and kids made- I love the stencils. (they cut out Bob's business card to make the stencil- love the creativity!)
This looked so tasty... as I didn't eat any cake I can ogle at it.... beautiful!
Loved this heart Victoria sponge.
I would have loved to have a piece of this pavlova. 

We raised £150 selling cakes and it will be put towards the Pakistan relief effort. Good work by everyone in work.

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