Monday, 30 August 2010

The last festival weekend

Well it's Bank Holiday Monday and I don't have the day off- I hate being stuck inside on sunny days especially when it seems the rest if the world are enjoying themselves. (Nathan isn't off either so we both found it difficult to get up today!)

We did however have a great weekend.

Friday night we went to the Royal Botanical Gardens (near to where we will get married in 9 months!) and we got nestled under a tree to be told old Scottish stories and listen to a few wee songs from these two lovely septuagenarians Bill and Georgia. I would definitely recommend any one with wee ones going to one of their regular storytelling sessions. Our event was for about 20 adults but they do kids events too.

We then went up to the Royal Mile to pick up our tickets for Jim Jefferies that evening. The High Street was so busy as it was Bank Holiday weekend and the end of the Edinburgh festival (only 3 more days till we move home- hooray!) So we had a Starbucks and then soaked up the atmosphere. (I also tried on a beautiful Barbour jacket in one of the Scottish stores... it may well be on my birthday list! I can't find the exact one online but it looks something like this but it has paisley patterned lining.)

Later we met our friends Finnie and Annie for dinner at the Outsider. This used to be my favourite restaurant and I still did enjoy our meal but I am thinking they maybe need to refresh it a little. I had a very tasty chunky healthy line- lamb kebabs. Yum! It was good catching up and comparing wedding planning (they get married a month before us.)

We then went to see Jim Jefferies who is said to be the most offensive man in comedy. Annie and I were warned but to be honest he was not as bad as I thought he would be. Don't get me wrong he was not PC at all but I think I had envisioned much worse!

On Saturday morning I went up to get my hair done early. Just a little trim, a bit of colouring and lots of advice on how to get it think and healthy for next year. It also turns out that the hair piece I want to wear is the exact same as my hairdresser wore at her wedding (so maybe that could be my something borrowed!)

After I had my hair done I went up to Raeburn to watch Nathan's team play their first home game. Not a great first half but the boys pulled it back and we won against Biggar. It was a lovely day and Nathan's friend's Andrew, his wife Moyra and their son Alexander came down to watch too. It was great to see them and Alexander was so enthusiastic- shouting loudly for Nathan and Accies. He even went to the mini rugby the next day and loved it.

I also caught up with some of the girls. Actually we stayed in the clubhouse till 7pm! Much longer than usual. We then went down to my friend Herculine's house where we babysat for her niece and nephew.

We also rewrote all our Save the Dates (but that's another story!) So we have been busy, busy all weekend.

Sunday was the best day but that deserves a separate post all to it's self!

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