Monday, 23 August 2010

what a great weekend!

I had such a good weekend... mostly because it was unexpected.

On Friday night I was babysitting for a really lovely family who have 2 cute little girls. There Mum had bought them a fashion kit to make outfits for 5 miniature cardboard cutouts. We had so much fun making the outfits and they both did such a god job- I was pretty impressed and you know me and my crafting! In my element working on a crafting project with little ones. 

Then once they were tucked up in bed (they are angels and go straight down!) I got to writing our Save the Dates! They have arrived back from the printer and I could look at them all day- they make me smile thinking what that little card means and all of our loved ones that it will be making it's way too. We have done simple postcards for most people and then magnets for our parents and the wedding party. My poor hands ached afterwards but they pretty much done and will be mailed later this week. (It would be nice to go together to the Post Office in Stockbridge on Saturday morning to mail them off as it will be exactly 9 months till our wedding on Saturday!) So excited!!! 

Then on Saturday morning I joined Nathan and his Dad, Neil on the driving range early at 9am. I was a bit rusty but eventually I was hitting them straight. Not far but one step at a time! 

I plan to try to do lessons this winter so by next spring I can be playing well. (I am also going to try and go back to art classes but one thing at a time.) 

After golf we then went for coffee with Nathan's Mum in Stockbridge and Nathan left to go to Aberdeen for his first rugby game of the season. Nathan's Parents planned to drive up to support and I was going to go to my Grandma's house to do more cleaning. Half way through coffee I decided I would join them on the journey. I am so glad I did. 

We had a great day. The journey is 2 1/2 hours north and we chatted most of the way- about the wedding and more about the wedding..... Lily and I were in our element.

The rugby was great... it was very sunny (I got good colour for Aberdeen!) and we won!! HOORAY! I loved that the new 1st team coach Simon was wearing a smart suit (he looked like a football coach) and he was wondering around the sidelines watching, not just stuck on the bench. The boys played well and there were great moments of really good play. Stuff to work on but I was so pleased for them.

Sadly for Nathan his boot split half way through the second half so he had to go off as no one else has the same size of feet as his giant boats! He looked very frustrated sitting on the bench not able to contribute. So this week he will hopefully be buying 2 pairs of boots! (keeping one spare in his bag just in case!) 

On the trip back down from Aberdeen we stopped at the Bervie Chipper- a wee roadside cafe and  it was so tasty! I have never noticed it before but it was so nice sitting in the sun by their window with Lily and Neil. (Nathan meanwhile was on the bus with the 2 teams on their way back to Edinburgh drinking all the way home- oh dear!)
The lovely chip shop roadside cafe with Lily and Neil to the right hand side.
My tasty (although calorific tea!) Sooooo good!!

Then on Sunday I dropped Nathan off at golf and drove to my Grandparents house to get on with the clearing and tidying. I feel that I accomplished a huge amount and felt very pleased at the end of the day. Nathan came down after his round and helped move some heavy bits and pieces so hopefully in the next few weeks we should be in a position to get the house on the market.

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