Thursday, 5 August 2010

Festival Letters

This year we are again letting out the flat to our festival letters. I have taken this as an opportunity to sort out the flat and do a deep clean. And as I have every other year I now sit in a beautiful looking flat thinking why don't I keep it like this all the time. It is so much nicer when there is not clutter everywhere. Going back to two posts previously it is largely due to the amount of stuff I accumulate.

At the moment I also have paperwork for my Grandma, for Nathan and I and the house and of course for the wedding. There is so much that was sitting around that needed tidying. So I moved it all into 4 boxes and worked my way through it the last couple of days.... (there is however a few things that I couldn't find homes for that I put in a drawer... oops!)
I took all the wedding magazines and wedding files out of the box I have been keeping them in and put them on the shelf in the back bedroom. I then realised I definitely don't need to buy anymore wedding mags!
Every year I buy one new set of bedding and one new set of towels. (Nathan being a sweaty rugby boy doesn't work so well with my love of white linen! So flat sheets especially don't last long in our home.)

When I made up the new master bed with it's brand new crisp Egyptian cotton sheets all I wanted to do was crawl into the bed and snuggle up. At least we will get the benefit once our guests have been.
I am loving the white gladioli that I picked up in Tesco- they were only £1.99 each! They look beautiful. The peach gladioli in the master bedroom are from Nathan's Mum- so pretty. Gladioli always reminds me of my Grandad's garden. He would have masses of daffodils in spring and gladioli in the summer.

Our festival renters arrive today (one day delayed due to their schedule) but it gave us one more day in our home. Nathan and I are both moving into my Dad's house for a month.

I found it upsetting being there on Sunday, when we dropped a few things off, as I hadn't been to the house in a few weeks and it really does hit you that he is no longer there. Also over the last 2 years this time in August has given me a chance to move home and spend time with my Dad. Making dinner together, watching crime dramas on tv and chatting at breakfast. I will miss that so much this year. So fingers crossed I will be okay staying there for 4 weeks and won't get too upset. In a way it is probably a good thing as it makes me confront the situation.

I am looking forward to moving home at the beginning of September and trying (once again) to keep it as tidy as it looks now!

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

I miss you. I loved ready about your organizing. I did that while ago and I need to do more tonight. It feels good. I went through some things in florida and I love that feeling of knowing where all your stuff is and that it's sorted.

I hope staying there is ok and that you are healing. I am grateful for your great friends and Becky that are helping you through. did you ever get my little book and card I sent over?

I went to Hill Country about a week ago with a cute boy. We got take out (the line was super long) and ate it in the park. It was great and it made me think of you and Becky and how fun those nights were.

I need to start saving my pennies for the wedding.

Love you much.