Monday, 16 August 2010

Courgette and Lemon Cake

So my first Good Food recipe was courgette and lemon cake. We have LOADS of courgettes (zucchini all you Americans who read my blog!) from Lily and Neil's allotment so I thought we should use them up in different ways. This was not too complex a recipe but cooking in some one else's kitchen is difficult when you don't have all the utensils you are used to in your own kitchen!
Every Christmas and when my Mum is home from London cooking a large meal she always complains about the oven.... to be fair it is probably about 29 years old.... my parents were always meaning to get round to getting a new kitchen but school fees, holidays, illness seemed to get in the way. However it makes me smile that they still have the 70's retro orange tiles on the wall.

Well the oven has never bothered me before but I tell you what it isn't great to bake in. I never turned my cakes and so one side was cooked correctly and the other was a little light. Then the poor cake was a bit too moist as it didn't really rise as it should. (Nathan still liked it!)
The finished result with the Good Food mag in the background.
Cups of tea and pieces of cake. I only had a wee bit... Nathan however ended up over last week eating the whole rest of the cake.... so when I am back to our house and have a good oven again I know this is a recipe I should try again!

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