Monday, 16 August 2010

Wedding Dress Shopping- 14th August

My lovely sister who will be my Maid of Honour planned our first wedding dress shopping day months ago. It has come round so quickly. I had great fun trying on LOADS of dresses in all different styles. I even tried on a giant merguine Katie Price style dress just for a giggle! (well when else would you!) I had to drink LOADS of coffee to keep me going- it's tough work I tell you! My arms even hurt on Sunday from having to reach up to be put in all the dresses!
My wedding dress shopping entourage- Hillary, Hannah, my Mum, Baby Tom, Kate and Becky. The girls are all going to make beautiful bridesmaids! (we were missing one special lady though!)
Outside Glass and Thomas where we went for lunch. Hills, Hannah, Me, Baby Tom, Kate and Becky.

Unfortunately there was a mix up by one of the bridal shops so we couldn't do our 2pm appointment so instead as it was a nice day we sat in St Andrew's square and relaxed- who said wedding dress shopping was stressful!

Baby Tom was such a well behaved wee chap all day! He got so much attention from all us girls not to mention the ladies in the bridal shops who were cooing over him too!

Hannah's Mum, Lena came to join us for the afternoon. Her and my Mum were at Uni together back in the 70s.

We had appointments with 3 stores in the end and found 2 dresses that are potentials. Both are very different styles and one is my clear favourite! On the 4th of September we have 4 more stores to visit so we will see where I stand after that time. I wish I could post photos but that's just not going to happen! Secrets, secrets!

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