Monday, 16 August 2010

Making Whoopies!

Last week I saw that Marks and Spencer had whoopies for sale as the new cupcakes- they must be the new thing if M&S are stocking them... so I tasted the ones from M&S and then gave these a go! (mine tasted much better even if I do say so myself!)

As I've mentioned in a previous post the oven at my Parents house is not the best. I tried after the half cooked cake to make sure I turned the whoopies so that they cooked evenly but somehow they got a little burnt on the base but not correctly cooked in the middle- but it was a good first attempt and meant Nathan got to eat the slightly burnt ones! (so he wasn't complaining!)
The sponge/biscuity part of the whoopies.
I made plain chocolate whoopies with a cream cheese filling. I still thought the filling was a little too sweet. I would also make the smaller 2 inch ones next time. These 4 inch ones were just too much for one person... unless you were on a sweet treat binge.... (I think Nathan ate 4 in one go!- there goes his fitness regime! Mind you the amount of calories he is using at the moment he can get away with it- just!)
I also rolled some of the whoopies in star decorations as I made them for Kate's birthday treats. I will definitely be making them again as they still tasted good even with the dodgy oven.

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