Monday, 27 July 2009

Busy Saturday

This weekend was action packed! I had to work at two events for the Scottish Government's Go Greener campaign. I had staff at both signing up the Scottish public to live a Greener lifestyle. Nathan was kind enough to come with me up to Fife to the Big Tent event. It was a very ecological festival and there was loads to do. They had the most amazing furniture makers hand carving furniture on site- it was gorgeous!
Nathan and I did feel a little bit out of place at the festival as a lot of people were quite alternative. We had parked the car off site and had walked through the woods to get there. On the way back Nathan heard the crack of a cricket bat so we wondered down and found this beautiful cricket pitch belonging to the Falkland team. We sat at this lovely bench and watched the game for a while. It was really relaxing and much more entertaining live than it is on the television! It turned into a lovely outdoors afternoon.
We then headed back to Edinburgh and Becky had put on a lovely spread for dinner. Roast Chicken, salads, cold meats, antipasti and much more- yum!
Over 35 years ago my Dad and Willen (in the middle) went to University together and studied architecture. Our families have remained close and we have visited them many times in Oslo and Kragero (where they have a summer house) Phillip (on the left) has been attending University in Edinburgh for the last 3 years and is about to leave to go back to Norway to continue his studies in Bergen. Phillip and Willen were over for the weekend sorting out his flat for rental so we had a wee impromptu evening at Becky's to all get together and catch up. It was so nice to see them.

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