Friday, 3 July 2009

Forth of July Decorations!

Well you know me any excuse to put up a bit of decoration! I redid my table for the 4th of July last night. Very simple but I think it works well.
I had everything else but my bargain of the century were the stones. I was in a shop yesterday to buy some more picture frames for our hallway. I wanted the same kind but unfortunately they didn't have any! I am really dissapointed as I even left a space between the frames up there at the moment so I am going to have re hang them! (I know Nathan is going to complain about the holes in the wall! eek!)

Anyways I was cheered up when I spotted these stones in a vase in the store and I asked the assistant and she said she would sell them to me as they were as the colours weren't available on the shelf. So she poured them into a bag and sold them to me for 75% off! Brilliant and it finished my table of nicely! (and I did a work out carrying them home- they were so heavy!)

I do think I am allowed to celebrate the 4th of July even though I am not American as my maternal Grandfather was born in the States, although his family came back to Scotland during the depression in the 30s, that makes me in a small way connected- no?

We have a lot of family still out there some of whom we are still in touch with. When I was younger I remember celebrating the 4th of July with family in California, on one occasion I remember watching all the fireworks (I love fireworks!) in Monterey- beautiful!

We will be watching the last game of the Lions South Africa tour tomorrow. We know that they can't win the tour but hopefully they will win this game.

I am going to make burgers and also cupcakes and I may even make my friend Heidi's Hot Chicken Strips... I can't wait for the feast!

So HAPPY 4th OF JULY to all my American friends and family. Enjoy your day of celebration! x

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