Monday, 6 July 2009

Relaxing Sunday

On Sunday morning I met my friend Hannah in Eteaket in Fredrick Street. It has become one of my favourite spots for a catch up with friends. We stayed for ages and had a good chinwag!

Then Hannah chummed me to Space NK to buy some new make up. Why is it that your make up has a tendency to all run out at the same time!! Nightmare! I had worn very little to work last week- the dregs of the tube or the crumbs of the powder! Mind you with the heat it would have probably all melted off my face anyways!
I spent a small fortune on Nars and Laura Mercier but then I thought well I babysat on Friday night so I only really spent the cost minus the babysitting money! Nathan then came and met me and we had a wonder round town to Gap, Book shops and the music store.

Afterwards we returned home and watched the Wimbledon final- such a good final but poor Andy Roddick! I so wanted him to win! We made a big jug of Lemonade and ate some of the cupcakes left over from the day before.

In the evening my sister, Becky came round to catch up as she has been away on holiday in the south of Spain at our friend Zara's parent's house (we were there 2 years ago) she was so tanned- I am so jealous! It was great to see her and catch up on all her news.

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