Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Lunchtime Blogging

Work has been quite demanding recently and I often feel like I am so swamped I will never get out alive!! I know, I know I would work in Advertising!

I am really enjoying it and if truth be told I think I thrive off the fast pace. It is a lot to get used to though and I am still on such a big learning curve!

Most days I don't even manage to take a lunch. I eat my sandwich or salad at my desk and work on through. I have been really good this week (mostly due to it being near the end of the month!) I have been making Nathan and I's lunch to take in it is so so much cheaper than buying it from the sandwich shop.

One thing I haven't given up though is my blogging. It is my 10 minutes of escapism back into my world... I get to reclaim my life just for a little bit during the day. I have to say it is keeping me sane. Some people like to walk round the block to revive themselves- for me it is delving into the world of blogging.

In the last week I have really been enjoying finding new blogs and discovering more talent and creativity.I had a great nose around Donna Hay's blog and website today. She is Australia's equivalent to Martha Stewart. She doesn't have such an extensive source on her website but there are still some great idea's there. Have a peep. I really like her branding- love the blue and white so clean and inviting! Donna has a lot of cook books on sale and also has just opened a store in Australia- lets hope she comes over here soon. I have tried her ready mix cookie boxes- yummy!

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